Case Studies

We’ve compiled some case studies about locations where our CleanCaps and CleanCubes have been deployed.

Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport increases waste collection efficiency by 90%. DAA Group, the airport management authority for Dublin and Cork airports in Ireland, has achieved significant cost savings from increased waste collection efficiency within three months of installation.

City of Seoul

With the main goal of improving the cityscape by making streets cleaner and reducing waste collection costs, Seoul municipality installed 85 CleanCube smart bins for general waste and recyclables in crowded areas of the city center. The managers of the Public Cleanliness Department utilised Clean City Networks (CCN) to monitor the status and fill-levels and observe the collection efficiency throughout Seoul. Within just three months the city witnessed huge improvements in public sanitation.

Lotte Department Store

Lotte Department Store offers shopping services and operates cultural centers, galleries, and event halls, with 48 branches. In order to maximize the shopping experience of their customers, Lotte Department Store wanted to minimize the waste collection frequency during operations.