Lotte Department Store

Lotte Department Store offers shopping services and operates cultural centers, galleries, and event halls, with 48 branches. In order to maximize the shopping experience of their customers, Lotte Department Store wanted to minimize the waste collection frequency during operations.

Cleaning staff had to visit high traffic malls and outlets during business hours up to four times on weekdays and seven times on weekends. These frequent waste collections meant high operational cost, but it also interfered with customers’ shopping experiences.

After the installation, Lotte’s collection frequency decreased from four to seven times a day to just once a day. Even though the department store could have experienced even greater benefits, their company policy to empty out all the bins at least once a day limited these benefits. However, Lotte more than achieved their goal, which was to offer a better shopping experience to their customers by collecting waste, once a day after store hours. Moreover, Lotte was very satisfied with the fact that the CleanCube’s advertisement feature drew more attention and contributed to 15% increase in customers’ participation in storewide events.

In order to solve their problem, Lotte installed 24 CleanCube smart bins in central spots as well as near restrooms of Lotte Department Store locations. 8 of the 24 CleanCubes were equipped with LED advertisement panels to promote various storewide events at the department store.