Community Benefits

Our contribution to a smarter, cleaner and greener world needs local partners.

Internationally, we can demonstrate economic, environmental and social benefits in the Smart City Waste Management Solution.

Reduced collections through capacity improvements and route planning, has shown operational cost reductions up to 80%. Reducing truck operational activity, CO2 emissions and traffic congestion equates to a leaner, cleaner waste management program. We are utilizing Solar energy, abundant in Australia to contribute to sustainable renewable industry sectors.

All the while sharing with community a cleaner space and a message of change being adopted to limit our impact on the environment, one bin at a time.


  • CleanCubes

    Our flagship product and the worlds smartest waste bin with solar-powered waste compaction.

  • CleanCaps

    A simple add-on efficiency sensor for your existing bins to enable real time data & analysis of fill levels within your waste collection areas.

  • Clean City Network Software

    The software cleverly links CleanCube and CleanCap infrastructure in real time. Providing the power to monitor, maintain and optimize collection requirements and activity.