What are the benefits of using the CleanCube?

The most important benefit that we provide is transparency and increased operational effectiveness in the waste collection chain, reducing costs and labor associated with such services.

  • Reduction of operational costs by up to 80%
  • Reduced frequency of waste collections
  • Pays for itself throughout its lifetime (revenue generating advertisement features)
  • Cleaner & more hygienic public spaces

What types of container bins are compatible with CleanCap?

CleanCap smart waste bin sensor can be mounted on any type of materials. If the container is made of plastic, the Clean CAP can be mounted by screwing. For steel containers, it can be fixed to the container’s lid using brackets.

How long does the battery last?

Under normal conditions, you can expect the battery to last 10+ years. Like with any battery, it can vary depending on the usage including software configuration, temperature, wireless signal, or frequency of data transmission.

How does it communicate?

A telecommunication module (GSM) allows signals to be sent and received from the CleanCube. All data is collected and organised so that end users can easily make decisions about their current operations. We have a global telecommunication partnership in place that allows our units to have access around the world.

What types of substances can it detect?

It can detect both solids (general waste, paper, glass, e-waste, textile, etc.) and liquids (oil, sludge, agriculture products, etc.)

What are the ideal places to install them?

CleanCube is great for locations with high-foot traffic and risk of trash overflow. Such places include downtown areas, shopping malls, tourist attractions, sporting events, etc.

How long does it take to fully charge the CleanCube?

On average, 2-3 days of 4 hours of sunlight can fully charge the unit.

What happens if it’s cloudy for several days?

Not to worry, there is an internal battery that stores the energy. Fully charged, CleanCube can function up to 4 weeks.

Where have the CleanCubes been successfully installed?

CleanCube can be found in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, and Oceania regions. Australian rollouts are now occurring in most major cities within LGA and sporting venues.

What technical support do you provide during and after the warranty period?

When our clients first purchase our products, we provide both extensive training and manuals for maintenance and operation. During the warranty period, we provide free-of-charge technical support as issues arise. But even after the warranty period, we try to provide the same level of support based on our customer service focused philosophy.