Christchurch CBD installs first smart bins on the South Island

Christchurch CC Smart Bin

Christchurch City Council has installed 2 new 240L CleanCubes outside the Riverside Markets, in the heart of the CBD.

This area is a high foot traffic location, with a large quantity of food and drink waste being collected each day, often resulting in unsightly and overflowing bins.

As a result, the Christchurch CC have installed the solar powered smart bins to help manage the constant overflow risk, allowing waste to be compacted and bins to hold up to 8x the normal amount of rubbish.

This is the first step in the Christchurch City Council’s larger smart infrastructure roll out – driven by the Smart Street Team. Their mission; to future-proof the city through the installation of new technologies. 

Smart City Solutions, partnering with Total Waste Solutions in New Zealand, look forward to driving the Christchurch CC toward a sustainable and technology driven future.