Geoff Rohrheim to Chair Climate Change Champion

Geoff Rohrsheim has been listening to the young people of South Australia.

He wants to support their focus on climate change by installing technology in the most unlikely place – the public waste bin.

The South Australian business leader has been appointed Chair of Smart City Solutions, a technology company that already has clients in every state across Australia while remaining headquartered in South Australia.

Smart City Solutions clients include local councils, facility managers, shopping centres, sports stadiums, schools and universities, working together to reduce carbon emissions and operational costs associated with public waste collection.

Smart City Solutions prides itself on being clean, green and technology focused.

Smart City Solutions’ flagship product is the Clean Cube, a solar-powered compacting waste bin. Sensors inside the bin monitor how much waste has accumulated and automatically compacts the contents, enabling the Clean Cube to hold up to eight times more waste. Once full, the cloud-based software notifies the client that collection is required, significantly reducing pick up frequency and associated costs.

Smart City Solutions is the exclusive Australian distributor for Clean Cubes and also has clients in New Zealand & South Africa with plans for expansion into South East Asia.

“Australians are becoming increasingly passionate about the need to live more sustainably,” Mr Rohrsheim said.

“Technology has an integral role to play in our society’s response to climate change.

“By reducing the number of waste trucks on our roads, Smart City Solutions is minimising the carbon output of cities and public spaces while creating operational savings for councils and public facility managers. The deployment of this technology across multiple locations is increasing rapidly.

“The opportunity to Chair a technology organisation that offers the right products to create tangible carbon reductions appeals to me.

“I look forward to working with CEO Graham Johnston and the Smart City Solutions team as we seek to grow the Clean Cubes network and reduce carbon emissions across the country.”

Smart City Solutions CEO Graham Johnston said: “The calibre of Geoff’s appointment supports our mission to create cleaner, greener, smarter and more efficient and sustainable cities.

“Geoff’s background and strengths in technology will help us to realise the Clean Cube’s full potential across a range of additional smart technologies including interactive advertising, CCTV, monitored Wi-Fi and 5G small cells.”

Smart City Solutions was originally founded in 2017 by South Australian Luke Johnston and Victorians Raymond and Samira Hughes, supported by South Australian investors.

One of the major shareholders is Andrew McAdams, who founded South Australian software start-up PrimeQ in 2016, steering its growth to 180 employees across Australia and New Zealand and negotiating its more than $31 million acquisition in late 2018 by a global business services firm.

Andrew, like Geoff, believes in building businesses in South Australia and will be playing an important executive support role, ensuring shareholder return is managed.

CEO Graham Johnston has a strong leadership background in the technology industry as the former CEO of TracPlus, and in software and in financial services.

Geoff’s appointment coincides with the company undertaking a capital raising from prominent South Australian individuals.