Steora Smart Bench


The Steora smart, solar bench is the next advancement in smart street assets. Utilising the 4G network, these solar powered benches can turn any street, park, school or university into a smart place.

Solar powered with on board-battery storage, the Steora smart bench provides temperature and weather sensors, with wireless and wired charging for users.

Made of solid steel and Perspex, these benches can be customised with Smart City Solutions exclusive design team to educate or advertise to users and those in the area.

Turn your street into a smart street today with one of our amazing Steora smart solar benches!


"This bench is yet another way to get the Community to think of Smart ideas for our new Strategic Plan and Normanville Foreshore Masterplan .... by inviting them to sit on a new Smart Bench and send in feedback on their recharging smart device.
The bench powered is by the sun, enabling our people to recharge their mobile devices (both with cable and wireless) while recharging your mind and body at one of the best beaches in the world - Normanville Beach, South Australia.

Nigel Morris - District Council of Yankalilla


The Steora Smart Bench can be completely solar powered, or a hybrid (with 240V adaptor available).

This means no matter what the weather, your users will be able to charge their phones and use the bench at all hours of the day.

Wireless Charging

10W wireless charging for your mobile device helps users engage with the bench while sitting and enjoying their surroundings.

Wired Charging

2 USB ports provide 5W charging for all devices - bring your cable along and take advantage of the solar power!

Weather Sensors

Temperature, humidity and rain sensors help to understand the environment. Watch trend data change for users in the area when he weather is poor to better understand those in the area.

Cooled Seat

Worried about how hot the seat will get? Don't. Internal fans trigged at 35 degrees maintain airflow below the Perspex seat, so it won't get any warmer than your usual park bench.


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